There are many benefits of transformational breathwork such as release of anxiety, improved mood and emotional balance, increased energy and vitality, improved sleep, and enhanced physical and mental well-being. transformational breathwork works by tapping into the connection between the breath and the nervous system. 

This form of breathwork involves deep and conscious breaths.

By slowing down and controlling the breath, practitioners can stimulate the relaxation response, calm the mind, and release pent-up emotions and tension in the body.

Please see below some client testimonials from breathwork sessions previously completed:

“’Gina…educates you on how the body, mind and breath are connected…she encourages a friendship with the breath by experimenting with the lengthening, deepening and expansion of the breath.. for me the breath is my key to relieving anxiety and stress”

“When Gina was recommended to me I was at quite a low point. I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the second time and just recovering from major surgery. I wanted to try something completely different to try and help with my anxiety. The room Gina had set up was warm and comfortable and there was beautiful music playing in the background.  I immediately felt at ease with her. She explained breathwork and I knew it was something I would enjoy. I had done breathing workshops before (for singing) but this was something completely different. It felt great to be in control of my breathing and I felt so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. I booked my next session before I left that day! I am quite an anxious person by nature but the techniques Gina teaches really help me day to day”