Gina has a wealth of experience treating musculoskeletal conditions. 

Common issues treated:
✔ Musculoskeletal
✔ Sports Injuries
✔ Post-operation rehabilitation
✔ Elective surgical rehabilitation
✔ Neurological conditions
✔ Care of the elderly/ Falls assessment
✔ Work place Injuries
✔ Pain management

Some Treatment options available:
✔ Strength and Conditioning
✔ Back and Neck Care
✔ Acupuncture
✔ Falls Assessment
✔ Taping
✔ Massage
✔ Home visits 

Gina offers an active approach to rehab incorporating therapeutic exercise. Gina values the importance of honesty in her treatment session and provides care with an emphasise on educating the client regarding their condition and the latest evidence based treatment approach. Gina believes in strong exercise rehabilitation focus and believes that patient self-management strategies are integral to the prevention of ongoing pain related to musculoskeletal injuries.

If you have any questions or queries give us a call and see can we help.