Clinical Pilates

Pilates can help to increase muscle strength and tone, flexibility, coordination and balance. This can lead to daily life improvements such as better posture, efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain.

We offer private mat pilates sessions, group classes and soon reformer classes. Physio-Led Pilates classes are held in Turlough Community Centre and Castlebar Scouts Den.

Gina is passionate about all forms of pilates. She loves teaching these classes that encourage physical and mental health in this safe environment. The physio-led Pilates instruction enables people who attend to progress in flexibility, core strength and quality of movement in everyday life.

Please phone or text the clinic at 089 4203098 or email [email protected] if you wish to enquire about Pilates classes or would like to reserve your mat.

● 6 week block of classes at €75 for 6 classes
● 10/12 people per class depending on location of classes
● Classes are filled on a first come first served basis
● Medical Health Questionnaire must be filled out prior to class attendance

Physio-Led Pilates Classes Summer 2024 Schedule

Next block of 6 week classes commencing from 21st May at Turlough Community Centre and from 23rd May at Castlebar Scout’s Den.


at Turlough Community Centre

5:15 PM: Advanced

6:20 PM: Improvers

7:30 PM: Beginners


at Castlebar Scout’s Den

5:00 PM: Beginners

6:05 PM: Improvers

7:10 PM- Advanced